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Blue Vale Lifetech: Elevating Pet Wellness with Quality Assurance

Welcome to Blue Vale Lifetech, a distinguished member of the ISO 9001:2015 certified family. In July 2021, we proudly achieved WHO (World Health Organization) GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification, further solidifying our commitment to unparalleled quality in the pet industry. Established in 2015, our parent company embarked on a mission to deliver top-notch pet products, with a vision to become one of the leading global brands.

Our Brands:

Under our umbrella, we proudly present Teraa, Superfish, Borneo. However, our shining star is the concept of L.E.A.S, meaning a ray of sunlight, conceived in 2018. Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to extensive research and development, shaping innovative products that radiate excellence.

International Collaboration:

At the heart of our success is our collaboration with Medi Pet from Germany. Our products are formulated by German experts, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We meticulously source ingredients and later repackage/formulate them with unwavering dedication to maintaining superior hygiene.

Scientific Validation:

Guided by a team of veterinary doctors, our products undergo rigorous testing. The process includes two critical phases:

Phase 1 – Expert Validation:

Our veterinary experts meticulously test and provide feedback, aiding in dosage formulation and product enhancement.

Phase 2 – User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

Renowned breeders/keepers collaborate with us, testing our products on their pets. The invaluable feedback received helps refine our offerings.

In-House Testing Facility:

We have our testing facility, where our products undergo scrutiny on a diverse set of animals. The results are closely monitored, ensuring efficacy and safety before reaching your pets.

Safety First – Premium Ingredients:

Our manufacturing facility adheres to the highest safety measures, utilizing premium ingredients to craft products that meet our rigorous standards.


Company Registration Number: AAL-6212

GST/Tax Registration Number: 29ABIFM0599D1Z0 & 19ABIFM0599D1Z1

MSME Certification Number: KR02D0011325

Our Mission & Vision:

At Blue Vale Lifetech, our mission is to elevate pet wellness globally. We envision becoming one of the foremost brands, setting benchmarks for quality, innovation, and care.

Choose Blue Vale Lifetech for a radiant journey of pet well-being – where every product is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Your pets deserve nothing but the best!


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