Bee Pollen Powder

Bee Pollen Powder

Discover the exceptional benefits of Leas Bee Pollen Powder, sourced meticulously from organic origins, free from pesticides. This extraordinary powder stands as a treasure trove of nutrients, encompassing vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, antibiotics, and antioxidants. Elevate the well-being of your birds with this powerhouse of natural goodness.

Key Features:

  1. Organically Sourced: Leas Bee Pollen is derived from organic sources, guaranteeing purity without the presence of pesticides.
  2. Nutrient-Rich Superfood: Packed with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, Bee Pollen Powder is a comprehensive nutritional supplement.
  3. Antibiotics and Antioxidants: Enriched with natural antibiotics and antioxidants, including flavonoids, carotenoids, quercetin, kaempferol, and glutathione, Bee Pollen Powder supports overall health.
  4. Immune System Support: Regular feeding of Bee Pollen helps prevent nutritional imbalances, deficiencies, and strengthens the immune system, contributing to disease prevention.
  5. Rich in Nature’s Goodness: Collected from the bodies of bees, Bee Pollen Powder is considered one of the richest foods in nature.
  6. Gluten-Free and Human Grade: Leas Bee Pollen Powder is both gluten-free and of human-grade quality, ensuring safety and purity.

Nutritional Highlights:

Bee Pollen Powder encompasses a diverse array of essential nutrients, making it a wholesome dietary addition.

Health Benefits:

  • Nutrient-Rich Superfood: Bee Pollen is a natural powerhouse, providing a myriad of essential nutrients vital for avian health.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Its antioxidant-rich composition helps combat oxidative stress and supports overall well-being.
  • Immune System Boost: Regular consumption strengthens the immune system, contributing to disease prevention.
Ingredients: 100% Bee Pollen


  • Crude Protein: 26.17%
  • Crude Fat: 6.71%
  • Crude Fiber: 4.23%
  • Filler: 0.00%

Size : 75gm

Dosage: Sprinkle one spoon (2ml) of Bee Pollen Powder over one cup of fruits, vegetables, soaked seeds, or soft food.
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