Beet Root Powder

Beet Root Powder

Unearth the natural power of Leas Beet Root Powder, meticulously sourced from organic origins, free from pesticides. This exceptional powder not only delivers a vibrant touch to your bird’s diet but also serves as a holistic supplement, promoting stamina, muscle power, and overall vitality.

Key Features:

  1. Organically Sourced: Our Beet Root Powder is derived from organic sources, ensuring purity and devoid of pesticides.
  2. Stamina and Muscle Power: A powerhouse of natural energy, Beet Root Powder is known to improve stamina and muscle power in birds, supporting their physical prowess.
  3. Healthy Weight Management: Incorporating this powder into your bird’s diet contributes to healthy weight management, ensuring an optimal balance for their well-being.
  4. Rich in Minerals: Beet Root is a good source of minerals vital for avian health, offering a natural and wholesome mineral boost.
  5. Liver Support: Supporting liver functioning, Beet Root Powder aids in maintaining the overall health and detoxification processes in birds.
  6. Improved Athletic Capability: Enhance the athletic capabilities of your birds with the natural benefits of Beet Root Powder, promoting an active and thriving lifestyle.
  7. Gluten-Free and Human Grade: Leas Beet Root Powder is both gluten-free and of human-grade quality, emphasizing safety and purity.

Nutritional Highlights:

Packed with essential nutrients, Beet Root Powder brings a unique set of advantages to your bird’s diet.

Health Benefits:

  • Enhanced Stamina: Boosts endurance and stamina, ideal for birds with active lifestyles.
  • Muscle Power: Supports muscle strength, contributing to overall physical fitness.
  • Weight Management: Assists in maintaining a healthy weight, ensuring a balanced and optimal avian physique.

Usage Note:

  • Pink Residue: Due to the natural pigments in beet roots, your fingers may turn pink while handling the powder. This is a normal occurrence and can be easily remedied by thorough washing.
Ingredients: 100% Beet Root Powder


  • Crude Protein: 12.20%
  • Crude Fat: 1.44%
  • Crude Fiber: 5.24%
  • Filler: 0.00%

Size : 75gm

Dosage: As a conditioner builder for your birds, incorporate Leas Beet Root Powder into their diet throughout the year. Follow these recommended guidelines for optimal results: General Usage: 2 Times per Week Mix 1 spoon of Beet Root Powder into the dry feed. For Middle Distance/Long Distance Races (2 Nights in the Basket): In the last 2 nights before basketing, give 1 spoon mixed in the dry food. For Long Distance Racing (3 Nights in the Basket): In the last 4 nights before basketing, provide 1 spoon mixed in the dry food. Note: Utilize the enclosed spoon for accurate measurement.
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