Leas Breeding Aid

Leas Breeding Aid

Empower your birds with Leas Ultra-potent Breeding AID, a revolutionary breakthrough in avian health! This innovative formula boasts a staggering 50,000 mg of highly bioavailable Vitamin E per dose, delivering unmatched benefits for your feathered friends.

Supercharge Immunity & Feather Health:

  • Unparalleled Antioxidant Power: Combat free radical damage with the industry-leading 50,000 mg Vitamin E per dose, fortifying your bird’s immune system and protecting cells.
  • Radiant Feathers: Experience stunning results with vibrant, strong, and lustrous feathers. Ultra-potent Vitamin E nourishes follicles, promoting optimal feather growth and preventing breakage.

Enhanced Breeding Success & Stress Reduction:

    • Boost Fertility & Hatch Rates: Achieve peak breeding performance with optimal Vitamin E levels, crucial for increased fertility, hatchability, and chick survival.
    • Natural Stress Relief: Leas Ultra-potent Breeding AID acts as a natural stress reliever, aiding your bird in coping with environmental anxieties and travel disturbances.
Ingredients: 50,000mg of VIT E, 5,000mg/kg Sepiolite
Dosage: 1 g of Breeding AID in drinking water or in soft food.It should be used as a course of treatment starting at least three weeks before breeding and stopped as soon as the first egg has been laid.
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