Leas Dried Mealworms

Leas Dried Mealworms

Give your critters the protein boost they crave with Leas Dried Mealworms! Packed with essential nutrients and boasting an irresistible taste, these treats are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for a variety of animals.

Why Choose Leas Dried Mealworms?

  • Natural Powerhouse: Sourced from reputable farms, Leas Dried Mealworms are a complete protein source, vital for healthy growth, strong bodies, and vibrant energy levels.
  • Locked-in Goodness: Our meticulous drying process preserves essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring your pets receive a balanced nutritional punch.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: Unlike live mealworms, our dried treats offer long-lasting freshness and a burst of flavor that animals can’t resist.
  • Diverse Appeal: From backyard wildlife to beloved companions, Leas Dried Mealworms are a healthy and exciting treat for a variety of creatures, including:
    • Birds: Attract a symphony of songbirds to your feeders or delight your pet finches and parrots.
    • Reptiles: Bearded dragons, geckos, and other reptiles will love the natural protein boost.
    • Small Mammals: Hedgehogs, hamsters, and other small mammals will find these dried treats irresistible.
  • Convenient and Easy: Unlike live mealworms, Leas Dried Mealworms are mess-free, require no maintenance, and boast a longer shelf life.

Treat your animals to the natural goodness they deserve with Leas Dried Mealworms!

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Ingredients: 100% Dried Mealworms

Crude Protein (57.1%), Crude Fat (11.4%), Crude Fiber (4.1%)

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